Before a membership is confirmed, sworn statements and relevant documents are be sent. These documents are checked by the Royal Commission of Royalty and Nobility (Institution of the Royal Household). Only after the approval of the Royal Commission of Royalty and Nobility a confirmation is possible.

  • Royal Fellows and Noble Fellows

All current and former ruling Imperial, Royal, Princely etc. Families and current and former non-ruling Noble Families as on the invitation of H.M the Omukama and / or the Council shall agree to become Royal Fellows or Nobles Fellows (decision of His Majesty The Omukama and / or the Council of the RAA).

  • Honorary Fellows

Persons not being Noble Fellows who in the opinion of the Council have made or are making a distinguished contribution for the monarchies, nobles etc. shall be eligible for election as Honorary Fellows. The number of Honorary Fellows is not limited, but should not be too high.

  • Noble Associations

Noble Association Membership is available to Noble Associations who wish to pay a lump sum to The Royal Academy of Aristocracy (RAA) annually. This is non-refundable and will confer on the yearly membership of the Association.


Royal Fellows, Noble Fellows and Honorary Fellows: no fee
Noble Associations: 2.000 US$ annually