Order of The Engabu

(Established c. 1700 AD)

Under the Patronage of HM Omukama Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I. of Bunyoro-Kitara

 Spiritual Godfathers and Patrons

The Uganda's Catholic and Anglican Martyrs ( 15 Nov 1885 – 27 Jan 1887)

(Blessed by Pope Benedict XV. (1920) & canonized by Pope Paul VI. (1964))


 Godfathers and Patrons

HM Omukama Olimi II. Ruhundwegeye

(c. 1705; Possible Granter of said Order)


HM Omukama Nayarwa

(c. 1710; Possible Granter of said Order)


Ecclesiastical Patronages



 Apostolate awarded the Royal Order of the Engabu

The Order of Engabu is a bridge between the ancient honor of the Order of them Omujwaara Kondo, which is a hereditary honor, and the rest of the Orders. Establis

Namely, the Order of Engabu is hereditary, and it is the second-highest Order in the Kingdom. Similar to the Order of the Omujwaara Kondo, it contains the highest style of any Orders – The Most Honorable – and allows recipients to use supporters and a coronet in their heraldry per the Statutes.

You can buy the insignia of this Royal Order after the submission of the original Brevet:
The Most Honourable Omukungu Carl W. Lemke JPC, 1st OEBKK
Carl W. Lemke Unique Jewelry, El Paso, United States of America-
-Special Manufacturer and Project Manager Insignia, Honours and Awards ARKBK & ROHA-

Royal Bulletin, 050-RB-KBK-2014:
  • The high honor of The Royal Order of The Engabu: “The Most Honourable Omukungu” (Hereditary Knight) be styled as Perpetual Hereditary Nobility.
  • By the time of enacting the Royal Charter of The Royal Order of The Engabu recipients were required to attend the Empango ceremony. HM The Omukama has now waived it for those applicants.