TREATY OF FRIENDSHIP - Association "Swiss Morning Star"

The Association is a tool for "building bridges" - Dialogue and understanding between different nations, religions and cultures. Connecting Swiss individuals and institutions with other around the world we are trying to Strength the "unity of diversity“.

The essence of the all activities of Associations members is: help for children, women, disabled and socially vulnerable categories of the society, on different ways such as- humanitarian aid, Support for Education, Support in strengthening the economic and social situation, Education in various domains, Development of the models "Help for Self Help..ect.

Association operates under the motto "We support - everyone has the right to life".

The goals of our activities are not only „to give a practical help" but to strengthen the awareness - „Vision of a better future“. Working model / paths / for achieving our aims are: projects, seminars, workshops, collaboration with other NGOs and institutions ... etc.